Homeland Security In USA – What It Is?

Homeland security is committed to protect American people from terrorist attacks and prevention of attacks. It works with various government and non-government agencies so that attacks are prevented and emergency situations are handled in the best possible way. The preparation and planning for emergencies will be done in a very efficient manner. It invests in strong and quick response systems. In fact, it was launched as a cutting edge strategy to fight transnational organized crime.

How it works?

The President of United States is very much concerned about the protection of lives of its people. The United States should stick to its values and ideas while protecting its people from unwanted manmade strikes. In addition to terror attacks, homeland security is concerned about natural disasters as well. By investing in strong response and quick recovery systems, there will be highest level of protection. In order to achieve the end goal of safety, Homeland Security works with states and local governments. It works with private sector as well. The prevention, mitigation and response systems are very much enhanced so that there will be absolute safety.

In order to enhance the ability of partners, the US Administration will share financial resources with partners for several years. This is done to improve the security and to defeat terrorism all over the world. The bio and nuclear security will be very much strengthened. There will be serious threat through the outbreak of diseases. Strong resistance and retaliation should be offered to deal with nuclear attacks and biological weapons. The risk on non-traditional warfare will be reduced and there will be great focus on these matters.


Intelligence capacity and information sharing

Information sharing is very crucial. The intelligence should be shared with stakeholders on a consistent basis so that best possible steps can be taken at all times. The intelligence will be strengthened by collecting information, processing and analyzing the data on a continuous basis. Cyberspace security will be very much enhanced by using the latest digital technology. The propagation of crime related information will be thwarted by using innovative methods and global strategies. The information analyzed by experts will be shared with partners so that it is possible to deal with emergencies very efficiently. In spite of the enhancement of intelligence capabilities, the country is committed to protect copy rights and privacy of individuals.


Secure global digital information

United States is one of the first countries to use digital technology in all fronts that affect the performance of individuals and organizations. The strength of the economy lies in using the digital technology in a very safe manner. Infrastructure, public safety and national security are built upon the foundation of cyberspace. The global digital infrastructure will be made sound and robust so that it can withstand all kinds of attacks. Changes in policy, law, education and technology will be done to realize the goals of cyberspace.

Transborder security

The Homeland Security is very much concerned about the transborder security. Transnational threats are handled very efficiently. Borders are well secured through comprehensive approach. Homeland Security works with international partners, state and local governments. It works with private agencies as well so that your needs are fulfilled in a very efficient manner.

New technology will be developed and deployed to maximize the security at ports. The economic disruption will be avoided in this process. The security of key transportation networks will be ensured. Air, surface and maritime networks connect the nation with other countries will be made secure network zones. The issues of immigration will also be addressed and the ability to secure borders will also be strengthened.

The borders are protected from the illegal movement of weapons, rifle optics, ammunition, drugs, contraband and people. Lawful entry and exit will always be promoted and illegal activities will be caught efficiently through the revamped Homeland Security arrangements.

As a matter of fact, America shares more than 7000 miles of land border with Mexico and Canada. There are water front such as lakes and rivers which are shared with other countries. As trillions of dollars of business takes place through these borders, utmost care should be taken to handle borders. If there are sensitive issues, they should be resolved diplomatically as well as with the usage of force. Homeland Security will ensure that the economic prosperity of the nation will prevail and national sovereignty will be very much enhanced.

Disaster response and recovery

In order to keep Americans safe, there should be right kind of policies and systems. These systems should be implemented in a very efficient way. The nation’s resources will not be overwhelmed in this process. In addition to terror strikes, natural disasters will be fought in a very efficient manner. Events like 9/11 attacks will be avoided by placing highly robust security system. The damage that takes place through natural disasters like Katrina will be avoided under all circumstances. Through effective planning and strategy implementation, there will be highest level of satisfaction. To keep with the needs of the country, the Homeland Security will evolve on a constant basis.

Absolute protection in changed circumstances

The modern technology gives great power to soldiers. When the highly sophisticated technology driven solutions are handled by terrorists, it poses great risk to customers. Homeland Security has great mission to protect the lives of Americans. Americans’ interests should not be hampered through terrorism and other kinds of hazards. Security, resilience and customs & exchange are three important concepts to achieve the vision.

There are enterprise-wide missions which are not limited to Department of Homeland Security. The goals and objectives are set to prevent, protect, respond and recover during attacks in a very efficient way. There will be great resilience and resistance to deal with attacks. In addition to prevention of terrorism and enhancement of security, borders are managed in the best possible way. Immigration laws will be administered and cyberspace will be safeguarded. There will be great resilience to disasters as well. Homeland Security provides support to national and economic security as well.