The country is well secured through the efforts of department of homeland security. The freedom will be preserved with the homeland security employees. There is need for applicants from all backgrounds including students, veterans and retirees. If you are employed at homeland security, you will gain valuable experience. In addition to excellent training opportunities, there will be benefits and opportunities for advancement. You can become part of talented, dedicated and diverse workforce. You can search for jobs based on skill, location and component.

There are different kinds of jobs at Homeland Security. You can take advantage of unique career opportunities which will be very challenging and interesting. These jobs are intended to reward your skills and talents. It is possible to secure your borders, seaports, airports and waterways as an employee of homeland security.

You will get opportunities to do research on latest technologies. Cutting edge security technologies will be developed so that terrorist assaults and natural disasters will be handled very efficiently. Intelligence reports will be analyzed and there will be various opportunities on emerging fields and areas.

From law enforcement to immigration, there is great requirement in various fields. The prevention and response will take place in the best possible way. There are exciting professional growth opportunities with homeland security.

Loaned Executive Program

Through loaned executive program, there will be special opportunity to provide executive level talent from the private sector. Special and discreet needs of Homeland Security will be fulfilled in this manner. Homeland Solutions works on innovative solutions so that homeland security challenges are dealt-with very efficiently.

The nation’s top executives and industry leaders will partner with Homeland Security to resolve various kinds of issues in a very efficient manner. There will be improvement of processes and the mission will be realized completely. By protecting the nation, you will contribute to the welfare of the country.

  1. In order to participate in various positions, you should be a citizen of US. To be inducted into Senior Advisor position, you should serve in senior level operational management position. You should have excellent track record in building support and influencing policy decisions. You will be instrumental in deploying sustainable risk and resiliency capabilities.

2. You should have extensive experience in private sector partnership so that screening of personnel in functional areas will be done very efficiently. You can also join homeland security in cybersecurity. You will deal with highly sophisticated technologies. There is great demand for experienced and qualified workforce. The nation’s networks and information systems will be protected very efficiently.

You can go through the listings on current openings. The skill set required for cybersecurity professionals include:

  • cyber incident response,
  • cyber risk and strategic analysis,
  • networks & systems engineering,
  • software assurance,
  • digital forensics and forensics analysis.

Legal positions are filled through Secretary’s Honors Program Attorneys. Attorneys should have experience in

  • litigation,
  • administrative law,
  • commercial law,
  • legislative & regulatory drafting,
  • immigration law and enforcement law.

There will be significant amount of responsibility for honors attorneys.