How USA Ensures & The Progress Of Homeland Security?

The responsibilities of government agencies and entities are extended and recombined through the homeland security in USA. There are about 187 federal agencies and departments in US federal homeland security and homeland defense. Homeland security is an umbrella which works towards the safety and security of American citizens through its national efforts. The nation will be made resilient against terrorism and other hazards which will block American interests and aspirations. The terrorist attacks will be prevented in the land and the vulnerability to attacks will be reduced in a very efficient manner. The damage to attacks will be minimized very efficiently.

Great progress since 9/11

US have made great progress since 9/11 attacks. Coordinated and concerted federal response will ensure that terrorist attack will be handled in a very efficient manner. In addition to terrorist attacks, the emergency preparedness to deal with natural disasters is phenomenal. When it is time to deal with large-scale disasters, there will be perfect coordination among federal, state, local and private partners. There will be very swift and effective recovery effort.

A ready and resilient nation will be made through community approach. Emergency communications are very much enhanced. Planning and preparing to deal with nuclear, radiological and biological preparedness capabilities will be done very efficiently. Grants, plans and training will be offered to homeland security partners so that they will be able to deal with emergency situation with a well calculated approach. Through sustained targeted capabilities, prevention, protection and recovery from threats of terrorism will take place.

Disaster Response

To improve state and local biopreparedness, Department of Homeland Security will share crucial information so that emergencies are handled without any confusion. Homeland security conducts various kinds of biodefense response exercises. Through federally managed Biowatch, nationwide bio-surveillance system will be designed so that intentional release of aerosolized biological agents will be detected. Extensive training will be offered to state and local officers and first responders in radiological and nuclear detection.

Private entities will receive emergency preparedness certification through a partnership between Homeland Security and Private Sector Preparedness program. There are three industry standards to assist organizations in the assessment of preparedness and resilience.

Through ready business campaign, required materials will be provided to businesses. It is a nationwide initiative. These measures are taken to plan for emergency on a continuous basis and the crisis management will be handled in a highly efficient manner. Through ‘Ready Campaign’, there will be large-scale outreach efforts. In this process, Americans will be encouraged to prepare for emergencies at various locations including homes, businesses and communities.

There was great progress after implementing the 9/11 recommendations. The nation has secured from terrorist attacks in a great way. The federal, local and state capabilities are very much enhanced after the 9/11 attacks. Large scale attacks directed from abroad are avoided completely. Department of Homeland Security and its partners throughout the country have strengthened the security enterprise. The end result is the better capabilities to mitigate and defend dynamic threats.